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Mindful Coaching

Gaynor is a qualified mediator and coach who works in a creative, pragmatic and visionary manner with senior and emerging leaders. Gaynor’s experience and interests enable her to understand the issues and concerns leaders are working with.

Gaynor inspires people to achieve more than they think /feel they can. She builds relationships easily, her style is supportive, warm, challenging and solution focused.

Gaynor works with clients with their present moment experience, enabling greater self-awareness. In her mindful coaching she encourages clients to access parts of themselves (courageous, assertive, active, successful, confident, compassionate ) which gives new perspectives on their present issue or concern. Through simple mindful exercises, she shows how the client’s thinking process impacts their behaviours and limits their belief in themselves. Seeing beyond these limiting views and beliefs leads to change and opens up an avenue of choices that leads to action.


The mindful coaching approach Gaynor takes is a very different one to programmes I’ve experienced before. Gaynor takes you on a deeper and more thorough examination of yourself rather than just looking at select issues. I felt the impact very quickly which had a positive effect but is also really useful for the long term and for all aspects of life. A fascinating, helpful and insightful journey.

“I think you are a brilliant teacher and I feel safe and contained. It is good to know you practice what you teach – and share it in such an accessible way.”


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