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"I really enjoyed your real and down to earth approach. It was a revelation ... plenty of food for thought."

Mindful eating courses

You are how you eat, building a healthy relationship to food. Eight week courses led by Liz Sparkes and Suryacitta.




10 June Introduction to Mindfulness & Mindful Eating
17 June Food is not the problem
24 June Turning toward hunger
1 July Meeting the hungry one
8 July True hunger & false hunger
22 July Knowing your danger zones
29 July Loving kindness meditation & gratitude to the body
3 August Saturday Practice Morning - with Mindful Lunch
5 August Bringing it altogether and what next

Who is the course for:

The mindful eating course is designed for all those who would like to improve their relationship to food. Whether you have a moderate tendency to overeat like a lot of us do or whether you are struggling with being overweight or with obesity then this course may help you.

Most courses and techniques try to impose change from the outside. This course does not aim to do that. Mindfulness which you will learn on this course brings about change on the inside. It is a natural and organic process and anybody can learn it. All you need is willingness and an open mind.


Principles of mindful eating:

  • Learning to be aware of physical hunger and satisfaction cues to guide your
    decision to begin eating and to stop eating.
  • Realising that food in not really the problem.
  • Bringing a non-judgemental attitude to your eating habits.
  • Mindful eating is simply a way to become more conscious of how you eat.
  • Mindful eating is more about how you eat, not what you eat.
  • Mindful eating in not depriving your self of foods you like.

mindfulness cic



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"This moment is absolute in itself, there is nothing other than this moment. To be happy we need to live in this moment and not get lost in future moments that don't exist."  Charlotte Joko Beck