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If you have a mindfulness practice, this course will give you everything you need in order to become a mindful teacher of others.

Our teacher training programme has two options.

OPTION 1, You can attend the 6 (consecutive) day training retreat which will prepare you to teach mindfuness in the setting of your choosing. You will receive a certificate of mindfulness skills from Mindfulness CIC.

You may decide to end your training with us as at the endo the the training retreat as you will be in a position to teach mindfulness yourself. However, you may of course choose then to enter into a 12 month pathway – see below.

Themes covered during the 6 day training retreat:

  • The history and roots of mindfulness
  • The art of guiding meditations
  • Exploring the inquiry process
  • Using metaphor, stories and images in teaching
  • Teaching from your own experience
  • Teaching mindfulness in different settings
  • Using silence and pauses in your own practice and as teaching aides
  • Looking at guidelines for living – how we live each day matters
  • Holding a group
  • What is mindfulness – a look at the subtleties of this ancient practice
  • Essential attitudes for a beneficial practice – sensitivity, courage, curiosity, warmth, kindness, receptivity…and lots more
  • Why mindfulness works and why it doesn’t
  • How to work with the tyranny of thoughts and difficult emotions
  • Setting the students home practice

There will be a morning of silent meditation practice during the training retreat. We can also show you how to set up and run a morning or day retreat of your own.

The meditations which we will cover on the training retreat include:

Each participant will get the opportunity to guide meditations and to receive helpful feedback about what worked and what didn’t.

  • Mindfulness of Breathing
  • Body Awareness/Scan
  • Compassion Meditation
  • Choiceless Awareness/Just Sitting
  • Three Step Breathing Space
  • Mindful Walking and Movement
  • Self compassion practice – how to be with difficult emotions

Each day will begin at 10.00am and end around 4.30. There will be breaks and lunch (which is provided) will be at 1.00pm

Cost of this option is £650. This includes all snacks and lunches. There is local accomodation available for those who will be travelling.

Please note: The course is not academic and is experiential in nature. Each training retreat has a maximum of 12 participants.

The 6-day comprehensive training retreat, will enable you to teach:

•    With more confidence

•    With a certificate in mindfulness skills from Mindfulness CIC

•    With the support and backing of very experienced teachers

OPTION 2, After the six-day training retreat, you may wish to enter into our 12-month training pathway which includes:

  • Three group webinar supervision sessions – with space for questions and inquiry – every three months.
  • Three individual sessions, these can be both supervision and advice and guidance on setting up your own courses – face to face, phone or skype
  • The use of course materials and booklet in pdf
  • The use of the mindfulness cic app (which includes full eight-week course and a selection of guided meditations) for yourself and to provide for your students
    The cost of this pathway is £395 for the 12 months.
    Payable at the start of your 12-month pathway should you choose this option.

We also offer in-house teacher training courses for organisations, please get in touch if interested.


14th-19th OCTOBER  FULL

  • Non-residential is £650 and includes lunches and snacks.
  • There is e a maximum of 12 participants on the course.
  • There is good quality local accommodation if needed. Please ask and we can direct you.

Venue: Sunnyside House, in the beautiful Leicestershire village of Newtown Linford.

Booking: We require a deposit of £100 or full payment to secure a place and the remainder is to be paid eight weeks before the start of training course.

“This has been a wonderful experience and a chance for developing greater self awareness ans instilling the confidence to teach mindfulness. Not just about the mechanics of the 8 week course. The challenging moments were handled so gently that the opportunities for growth were maximised. Truly nourishing in all senses.” SARAH