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The Jewel of Mindfulness.

There are many definitions of mindfulness and most of them do give a hint to what it is about. Such as Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment with a non-judgemental attitude. Suryacitta’s definintion is, mindfulness is knowing what is happenng, whilst it is happening non judgementally, and the mind’s perception of what is happening. However, a definition can also limit what it describes. Rather than a definition, a metaphor or an image can give us a much better sense of what mindfulness is about.

We can imagine mindfulness as similar to a big beautiful jewel. A jewel has many facets, but each facet is only a reflection, a small part of the whole jewel. To really appreciate a jewel you must study each facet of it.

This is what we do on our courses which we run. Each week we study and explore a facet of the jewel of mindfulness.
A few of the facets of this jewel of mindfulness are; 

  • the ability to live more in the present moment,
  • learning to pay attention to life,
  • to trust in our own intuitive awareness,
  • to develop compassion for self and others,
  • to deepen honesty with ourselves,
  • to calm the agitated mind,
  • to be at ease with diffucult emotions
  • to know the difference between real and false emotions
  • to learn to be at home in the body, and so much moreFOR DATES AND VENUES OR MAKE A BOOKING CLICK HERE

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“Mindfulness has had a profound effect on me… possibly more than anything else in my life to date.”