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Online Mindfulness Workplace Courses

Online Mindfulness workplace courses reducing stress, anxiety and burnout and promoting resilience and well-being. 

We run 6 and 8 session online mindfulness courses and workshops for organisations of all sizes.

Our online mindfulness workplace webinars can be run live for up to 100 attendees. All webinars are recorded so that they can be viewed again and shared with other members of staff.

Please contact us on 07908957100 or the above email address and we can talk you through your requirements and give you a price.

The benefits of our online mindfulness workplace courses are

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduction in anxiety and other debilitating experiences
  • Greater focus and clarity
  • Improved physical health
  • Better empathy for others
  • Greater self-awareness

The themes covered include:
•Jewel in the Ice – what mindfulness is and how to do it
•How to deal with stress  – getting out of your head and into your body
•How to live in the present moment – introducing pauses and present moment awareness
•How to work with worry and anxiety – calming the chattering mind
•A B C of mindfulness and letting go
•How to soothe yourself in difficult times – avoiding burnout
•How to practice compassion for self and others
•Bringing mindfulness deeper into your professional and personal life

Each session there will opportunities to ask questions via the chat functions.

The course is aimed at making a difference to working and home life of each attendee. Our objective is to show each and every participant how to be free from worry and anxiety and to enable them to choose wellness in each moment.

The sessions will also include guided meditation and tools and techniques for everyday life. Material into the research on the benefits of mindfulness can be provided if requested.

“Mindfulness has had a profound effect on me… possibly more than anything else in my life to date.”