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Mindfulness Supervision with Suryacitta

The teachers’ teacher

When you are teaching mindfulness do you feel a fraud?

Do you feel you may get “found out”?

Are you scared you may not be able to answer a tricky question or you worry you may have a difficult person in the class?

Do you feel that you need to give lots of information to feel your students/clients are getting value for money?

These are very common experiences even for experienced mindfulness teachers. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.

I can help you. I can show you how to respond to any question, any situation without having to have all the answers.

I can show you how to make it easier for yourself and to be a far better mindfulness teacher.

I can show you how to pause and use silence so that your students reflect and understand in a new way.

I can help you to deepen your understanding and to bring out the beauty and richness of mindfulness.

I can show you how to use metaphors, stories and images in your teaching which will bring it alive.

Most teachers say far too much when guiding meditations,  I will illustrate why you should say far less and make your guidance far more effective, whilst making it easier for yourself.

I offer mindfulness supervision and mentoring to all mindfulness teachers and trainers in the UK, Europe and Australia. Sessions last 60 minutes and can be done over skype, Zoom or telephone.

I bring nearly three decades of experience of daily practice to all of my supervisory sessions so I can help take your understanding to ever deeper and more subtle levels.

As well as your own questions and concerns I like to explore areas such as.

  • Enquiry process
  • Keeping the teaching and practice simple and direct
  • Making sure you are teaching mindfulness and not something else

You are welcome to contact me and have a free introductory session.


I charge £95 per 1-hour session for mindfulness supervision. You can have a one-off session or book a block of 3 or 6 sessions at a discounted price.


“Pauses and silence can be as effective as words and concepts within teaching.”