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Written by author and mindfulness teacher Suryacitta Malcolm Smith, our mindfulness training courses online are available for use on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

The eight session video and audio course is based on the core elements involved in the Mindfulness based stress reduction program, and is available for everyone from large organisations to individuals. For more information contact or call 07908 957100.


The Mindfulness Online Training course:

  • Offers easy to follow teaching, techniques and meditation guidance
  • Is easily integrated into your everyday life as you only need around 15/20 minutes a day
  • Allows you unlimited access to the Mindfulness resources once you have registered – one off fee of £60/$95/€75
  • The course is normally done over eight weeks but can be done at a pace which is convenient for you.

The benefits of regular mindfulness training include:

  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions
  • Increased ability to focus both at work and at home
  • Emotional resilience
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • The ability to live in the present rather than worrying about future and dwelling in the past

What you receive:

An introductory video about the course and eight teaching audio sessions with guided meditations, regular talks from Suryacitta, and readings from his book Happiness and how it happens – Finding contentment through mindfulness.

Teaching includes:

  • What is mindfulness and how to do it
  • Living in the present
  • Calming the chattering mind
  • Listening to the body
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Letting go and the ABC of mindfulness
  • Dancing with dragons/working with difficulties
  • Bringing mindfulness to your everyday life

Guided meditations include:

  • Mindfulness of breath and body – core practice of the course
  • Body awareness/scan
  • Dancing with dragons/ working with difficulties
  • Compassion and empathy meditation
  • Mountain meditation
  • Choice less awareness/letting go of anxious thoughts
  • Three step breathing space and other techniques

For more information about this or any of our other mindfulness courses please call us on 07908 957100.

“This course has exceeded my expectations and has done away with my scepticism I’ve had an intense period of conflict management in my professional life and what I’ve learned on this course has been invaluable to me.”