Mindful Coaching 

Why is Mindfulness coaching different? 
Gaynor works with clients with their present moment experience. Through the application of mindfulness-based practice, somatic and voice dialogue techniques, as well as management and coaching methods, Gaynor will support and challenge you to gain new perspectives on your present issue or concern. Gaynor will help you see how your thinking processes impacts your behaviours and thoughts cand how thoughts can limit your belief in yourself. Gaynor encourages you to access parts of yourself that you are familiar with and those that you have been hiding from or resisting. This might be your courageous part, assertive self, active part, successful self, confident self, compassionate heart, self-doubt, self-critic, the part that feels never good enough. 
This enables greater self-awareness. Seeing beyond limiting views and beliefs leads to change and opens up an avenue of choices that you can put into action and feel the difference in the way you live your life. 
How can Mindful Coaching help me? 
Phrases that have been used to describe her coaching by clients are: 
It’s totally empowering 
I have a deeper sense of me 
It allowed me to be open and non-judgemental 
I know my strengths and can use them more wisely 
I’ve got greater insight and can see what I need to do now 
I’ve got my own vision and now I am getting creative 
It’s been challenging, you helped me take a risk on me 
It’s practical with real achievable steps 
I found humour- it was always there! 
Will Gaynor resonate with me - what has she learnt from her own life experience? 
Gaynor builds relationships easily. She works in a creative, visionary and practical way, so that you see, feel and experience the difference in your everyday life. 
Gaynor's coaching approach has developed through her own experience of needing to get creative and purposeful in working with her “pusher - just do it” energy. It helped make her successful, but became a threat to her health and well-being. The practice of mindfulness and compassion has helped her “rewire” and to harness her “pusher” energy rather than being driven by it. 
Gaynor has always had a keen sense of needing balance all her life: the bridge between her rational mind, her knowing heart, and her intuitive self. Gaynor has experienced loss in her life. She lost her Dad when she was young, her best friend in her early 20’s, her Mum in her 40's and recenlty the loss of her younger brother during the pandemic . Her practice has helped create a framework that helps her steer, navigate and explore all the many emotions that arise and appreciate the depth of her own sadness and loss. This gives her immense strenght to live her life from a place of choice.  
Gaynor has a dyslexic self, she calls it her "misfit". This is what drew her to work for social justice causes with young people that touched her heart: homelessness, learning disability and mental health. She is comfortable with change and uncertainty and she has used her own strengths to take risks and be creative- developing services that are shaped and created by thoses who access them. Gaynor was involved in successfully developing the first Foyer and then family mediation service in the UK, for young homeless people; she created  "practice labs" - training and work experience for vulnerable individuals that supported their journey to sustainable work; and set up of a mindfulness community interest company.  
Gaynor has worked in charities for over 35 years, as a support worker, manager and as a CEO for over 16 years at Alone in London and Apex Works. She lead on two successful mergers, securing the future of services. She has led on a wide range of change management programmes, including a good to GREAT, 3 year programme. She has held governance roles in different national and international charities for over 25 years. She is currently a founder and chair of Reaching People consortia. 
Her current consultancy passion is evolving the support that is provided by homeless charties into coaching support. Enabling staff to work in a strenght based way, utalising a mindset of learning and growth for themsleves and those they support.  
Gaynor teaches mindfulness and coaches individuals and groups to access all their many strengths, creativity and resourcefulness to live a life of purpose, greater ease that results in more conscious impact. 
What about impact? 
The research is clear- practicing mindfulness mediation will help you live with uncertainty and change, improve communication and make better decisions, be more resilient, think creatively, delegate more successfully and handle difficult relationships that will help you connect with yourself and others more fully. 
Practicals you need to know: 
● Gaynor belongs to the Mindfulness Coaching School credentialed by the International Coaching Federation 
● Mindful coaching is provided at Newtown Linford, Leicestershire or via zoom, to suit the needs of the individual or group 
● Sessions typically last 80 minutes. They can be shorter 40 minutes if weekly or longer for voice dialogue work. 
● A one off session cost £95. There is a reduction for 6 sessions if paid in advance 
Contact Gaynor Quilter 
0044 7837866619 

What people say 

"Through the coaching sessions with Gaynor, I have gained an increased awareness of my personality: what is driving me, what is holding me back. Through voice dialogue, I have learned to notice my triggers and the way I talk to myself. With this awareness, an opening is created for choice: how do I want to talk to myself? How can I be more compassionate instead of more critical? How do I want to show up in the world? Another important aspect is learning the wisdom the body has for us. It knows so much, if only we stop to listen. All of this starts a process of change towards better stress management, more clarity on what is important. The change I have seen in myself is an opening towards self-acceptance and an increased openness and curiosity instead of hard judgement. I recognise my emotions and thought processes, which allows me to deal with them and grow." 
Alessandra Bortolussi, Finance Senior Manager, Italy 

What people say 

“Gaynor has a friendly and personable style that made me feel instantly at ease, valued, and calm. We explored how I could approach Board development with my trustees, and also how I could improve my own resilience and wellbeing. Being a CEO is a lonely and demanding job, and the pressure can make it difficult trust your own judgement when things get tough. The impact of the sessions, for me, has been profound. Gaynor has shown me how to have faith in my capability, my judgement, and my vision. She listened intently, and unpicked for me my true feelings and helped me find my true North. 
Gaynor was able to identify key messages from what I was saying, and pin down exactly the things that sparked joy for me. From there, she has helped me create a plan of action which feels both achievable and exciting. I would recommend Gaynor’s coaching to anyone – even if you don’t really feel that coaching would be helpful, I can promise you a session with Gaynor will make you feel you can take on anything!" 
Fran Francis - Charity CEO - Sheffield 
"I have found I enjoy life more by understanding myself better. I am aware of my own thoughts and feelings and see clearly how I can positively change the way I see my life to be happier and healthier.  I feel stronger and am dealing with difficult situations. I feel that part of being mindful and the way Gaynor’s coaching has helped me is to allow myself to see the present moment - this has given me courage to learn.  Mindfulness has become part of my everyday life. I have struggled with mental and physical difficulties but to learn from Gaynor has had a huge impact on me. 
Gaynor showed me such emotional regulation and sensitivity toward my needs.  I felt her drive and absolute passion to help me." 
Helen Nixon  - Shield Maiden Rochdale UK 

It's not where you are going, it's where you are  New Mindfulness Unleashed online membership programme with new teachings and meditations  every month 

What people say 

“The mindful coaching approach Gaynor takes is a very different one to programmes I’ve experienced before. Gaynor takes you on a deeper and more thorough examination of yourself rather than just looking at select issues. I felt the impact very quickly which had a positive effect but is also really useful for the long term and for all aspects of life. A fascinating, helpful and insightful journey.” 
Sharon McKee  
SEM communications, Newcastle Uk 

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