Self isolation to home retreating - free resources    

This is a time of great uncertainty and hourly change. If you have made the decision to self isolate or are being asked to work from home, we would like to encourage and support you to use this time and take care of your thoughts and fears by creating your own home retreat. 
We have put together six meditations for you to use.  
We are planning to do MINDFULNESS UNLEASHED FACEBOOK LIVE sessions throughout this period at 10:00am GMT (Link to World Time Converter) This will be Tuesdays and Fridays and occasional weekends. This will enable you to ask questions about your meditation practices and its impact, as well as being in a supportive virtual space with others. 
We suggest a simple programme for your home retreat below 
Firstly listen to the Morning Meditation a couple of times (eight minutes) then on waking each morning practice it. Such a simple and beautiful meditation. 
Take two twenty minute periods each day and follow one of the guided meditations below  
Take two pauses throughout the day - Especially when you know you are in your worrying mind. Stretch, walk, drink a glass of water, feel your breath.  
If you are able to donate to help us keep giving to you and others - please do. 
We are a (not for profit) community interest company.  


Mountain Meditation 10:16 
(For calming when feeling agitated) 
Meditation - Being at home (Body scan) 
(15:17 Minutes) 
(For tuning into your body) 
Morning Meditation - 7:00 minutes  
A meditation to follow on waking in the morning 
Please let us know by filling in the form below if you would like to be sent more talks and meditations. Please, do donate something if you can.  

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