Train To Teach Mindfulness 

"The sessions gave me information and knowledge and time to absorb ideas and consider lessons learnt. It’s not rushed but the pace is satisfying and inspirational." 
Jan, Leiestershire County Council 

Mindfulness Teacher Training Online 

Have you thought about finding a course to train to teach mindfulness? You've come to the right place.  
This comprehensive yet compact mindfulness teacher training online programme will train to teach mindfulness in a supportive and simple way in your workplace. Our methods are simple yet effective. and will benefit both you and your future students as you journey together to inner peace and understanding. Our Mindfulness Teacher Training course is positioned over two Fridays and can be experienced with Suryacitta and Gaynor. Book your place with us on a train to teach mindfulness course now and allow yourself to surprise your students and work colleagues, not only with what you teach, but by how you teach. 

Mindfulness Teacher Training Retreat days 

Our mindfulness facilitation training is ideal for: 
Mindfulness and well-being champions in the workplace. 
All our facilitation training arises from the three pillars of good teaching - simplicity, elegance and practicality. 
Aims and objectives include: 
How to run short workshops in the workplace 
How to run longer courses in the workplace 
How to run mindfulness and well-being away days for your company 
How to create a culture of mindfulness in the workplace 
How to use mindful tools and techniques at work and home 
Two Day Workshops Fridays 1st & 8th April 2022 Cost: £250 
The material is based on Suryacitta's fourth book, A Mindfulness Teachers Handbook- How to surprise your students, not just with what you teach, but by how you teach. Each participant will receive a copy of the book as part of the training. 

Mindfulness training - the approach 

Simple - You will be shown that keeping teaching simple, is more effective. You will explore how to keep teaching in the here and now and not to get lost in over explanation. This makes it easier for you, the teacher. 
Elegant - Elegance is what you leave out. Many teachers say far too much and over complicate this simple and profound practice. Suryacitta will show you that what you leave out, is as important as what you put in. 
Practical - Teaching has to be practical and relevant to a persons' life. Here you will explore how to apply mindfulness in the workplace every other area of life. 
First Friday 
Setting the scene and introduction to the Three Pillars 
The use of metaphors, stories and images as teaching aides. 
The use of pauses and silence in teaching and sharing mindfulness 
Guiding meditations - what to say, what not to say and how much to say 
Exploring the Inquiry process 
Introducing mindfulness into the workplace 
Second Friday 
Having a go. There will be the option of having a go at guiding a short meditation and receiving helpful feedback from Suryacitta, Gaynor and the group 
How to help your students work with troublesome thoughts and emotions 
Discussion about any aspect of mindfulness and mindfulness teaching and resources and what next. 
Running workshops and other foramats 
A certificate in mindfulness skills be  
given at the end of the retreat. 
Two Day Workshops Fridays 1st & 8th April 2022 - Cost: £250 
“Suryacitta’s teaching style is excellent. He feels the need of the students and adds an individualism into each students feedback. I have found the teaching inspiring and I am eager to put it into practice. Thank you!” 
Diane – Capital One 

Would you like to find out more, or do you have a question? Simply fill in the form below and we'll get right back to you. 

Cancellations Cancellations must be made at least 21 days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel within 21 days we will refund 50 per cent of the fee. No refunds will be given after the course starts. However, with all cancellations, we will transfer you to another course for a small donation. 
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