Mindfulness at Work 

At Mindfulness CIC we run full day (and half day) retreats for your managers and staff.  
We have a purpose built meditation space in the beautuful village of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, nestled in the ancient Charnwood Forest. We have the capacity to hold fourteen delegates in Leicestershire or we can run retreats at your venue with a greater capacity. We can travel to anywhere in the UK or Europe. 
You will learn mindfulness from author Suryacitta one of the most experienced mindfulness teachers in the UK and Gaynor Quilter who has fifteen years experience of practice.  
The day will give you: 
experience of what mindfulness is and how to do it 
a number of mindful tools and techniques for work and home 
a day dedicated to learning mindfulness in a beautiful and dedicated space 
a chance to share a rare experience with colleagues 
Once the day retreat has ended all particpants will have access to Mindfulness Unoeashed our online programme with monthly talks, guided meditations and live streams. All are downloadable. 
For more details or to talk about a retreat that meets your company needs, email gaynor@mindulnesscic.co.uk or ring on 07837866619 

What people say 

“Suryacitta has a calm, relaxed and open way of teaching which I found very helpful especially the group discussion and interaction. I continue to enjoy the benefits of this fascinating way to understand the mind and believe everyone would benefit from knowledge of this tool in the workplace.” 
David, Director Scottish Power 
“It was a revelation to see how powerful and beautiful can be the use of metaphors and stories to convey meaning. They cut through confusion like lots of words never could.” Dan 
“The environment our consultants work in can be very stressful at times; juggling many balls in the air on a daily basis. We looked at what makes people successful in the workplace and believe that a person’s happiness is the key to them achieving it. By offering the mindfulness course to our consultants we’re helping to keep them healthy “mentally” which has benefitted them and the whole team.” 
Phil Walker, Director Precision Recruitment 
“Suryacitta’s teaching style is excellent. He feels the need of the students and adds an individualism into each students feedback. I have found the teaching inspiring and I am eager to put it into practice. Thank you!” Diane – Capital One 
"I must admit I was sceptical at first when my team leader suggested a day retreat for the team. But it was an eye opener. A great space, chance to rest but also to find some brilliant techniques to help with life. Glenda 
A few comments from the course delivered for Leicestershire County Council
"The sessions gave me information and knowledge and time to absorb ideas and consider lessons learnt. It’s not rushed but the pace is satisfying and inspirational." Jan – Leicestershire County Council 
“Suryacitta, cosmic man! Beautiful jewels, jems and facets of wisdom. Fearless learning into the edges was inspiring.” D 
“It has been an excellent retreat. Initially, I was very reluctant to go on the course, not knowing what it was or how it could help me. But the course is so powerful and challenging and life-changing. It made me become more aware of myself and I intend to continue to practice.” Stephen J - Leicestershire city Council 
"It should be rolled out to all the staff in social care." Stephen B 
"I have definitely adopted the personal workflow system in the workplace and an still improving that system as I go along. In particular ensuring that I capture tasks effectively. I am also ensuring that I listen to my body signalling that I am tired, thirsty etc. and exercising self-compassion - realising that in the long run this makes me more productive rather than less." 
Rebecca - Charnwood Borough Council 
“I think you are an excellent teacher. The Meditation space was delightful and quiet and what a great way to spend a day with my team." Kim 

What people say 

“Just to say that mindfulness has had a greater impact on my life than anything I have done before.” 

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