Meditation Retreats 

Here at Mindfulness CIC, we offer one day, weekend and week long meditation retreats throughout the UK, Italy and Spain, including the beautiful town of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire. These retreats allow you time to focus and deepen your mindfulness and compassion practice. 
Meditation Retreats uk 
On our weekend meditation retreats we cater for both the general public and corporate teams. These retreats normally run from 10.00am on Saturday to 4.30pm on Sunday, including meals and snacks.  
Travelling from afar? There are local hotels and B & Bs for one or two nights. 
These meditation retreats UK are suitable for all, from those new to mindfulness meditation and those who want to expand and refresh their practice. We offer something to suit everyone. 
All of our mindfulness retreats teach you about the techniques needed to help you deal with difficult emotions and stress. They give you the time to relax and unwind from the stresses of normal life, finding yourself and developing your mind. 
Contact us today to find out which retreat or course is best suited to you! 
Silent Meditation Retreats 
Our longer residential Mindfulness retreats are located either in sunny Spain and Italy or the UK. These retreats are suitable for you if you want to experience deeper meditation away from your normal every day life. However, these meditation retreats away are not for everyone, so we will help you to make sure you are ready for what you are committing to. We will also help you decide whether Spain, Italy or the UK is right for you! 
These silent meditation retreats Suryacitta leads are also suitable for teachers of mindfulness to both deepen their practice and their teaching skills. 
Our next retreat in Spain takes place in June each year. In 2019 the dates are 6th - 13th and are held in our Amitavati centre, near Valencia. With gorgeous sunsets and beautiful mountain walks, you can relax. Our meditation retreats in Italy are held at Casa Rosa near the holy city of Assisi and the dates for next year is 31st August - 7th September. Our longer retreats in the UK take place at stunning Nanpantan Hall, Loughborough and next years dates are 1st - 5th July. 

Mindfulness Retreats 

July 2019 
Passionate Presence Five day Meditation retreat 
Venue: Nanpantan Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire | 1st - 5th July 2019 
PRICE: Full: Shared-£495.00/Single Room-£595.00 Please contact if us if you are interested in attending. 
Price includes all vegetarian meals. 4 lunches, 4 evening meals, 4 breakfasts and snacks 
This meditation retreat is led by author and international teacher Suryacitta and Gaynor Quilter. Suryacitta is also a member of UK mindfulness teachers network 
PLEASE NOTE: This is the only long silent meditation retreat Suryacitta is leading in the UK in 2019 so please book early 
This retreat is open to all who are familiar with mindfulness and wishing to practice and work with a teacher with over 30 years experience. 
It is also suitable for teachers of mindfulness who wish to explore the subtleties of mindfulness for themselves. 
Please contact us in interested . 

 Mindfulness Retreat 

There will be teaching from Suryacitta and Gaynor on themes such as: 
The Power of Presence 
How to Get out of Your Head and into the Present 
Working with Difficulties 
How to find meaning in life 
Opening to your Natural Goodness - sinking into presence 
The story of Kisa Gotami - reflections on life and death 
Who are you...really? 
How to develop self-compassion 
There will be time for discussion and the option of One to One time with Suryacitta and Gaynor to discuss your practice.  
There will be guidance on a variety of guided meditations including: 
Mindfulness of breathing 
Body Scan 
Choiceless Awareness 
Who am I 
Looking at the nature of thoughts 
There will also be 3 days of silence to aid calm and reflection and ample free time to relax and enjoy the stunning grounds and countryside. 
If you are interested and need more info or you wish to book please contact Gaynor on 07837866619 or 
Some of the comments from people who attended the 2018 Nanpantan Retreat: 
“It exceeded my expectations, Suryacitta  always keeps the content simple and understandable” 
“I've gone from asking what's that about, to asking what's going on? A big shift!!!” 
“In short my time here has left me feeling ready to commit to my practice and hopefully edge closer to the razor's edge in my everyday life dealings,  I'm so grateful.” 
“What a lovely enriching week. I've learnt such a lot, about mindfulness meditation, but also some satisfying insights for myself.” 
“This is been a very rich experience for me. I have realised the opportunity to step off the hamster wheel of everyday life and slow down, pause, savour the beautiful grounds and meet new people and experience new teaching and meditation styles.” 
“This is a beautiful place, an easy place to be even when things are not. The most important thing for me is to feel safe and safe was how I felt here.” 
“I appreciate that this will be a long journey and I will come across some very difficult emotions that have been very well buried. But for once I actually feel like it is something I can do and will do. I look forward to going home and enjoying my children (in the moment) and hopefully giving them the life I never had.” 
“If you want to experience and appreciate what is, I highly recommend this retreat". 
”For more info contact Gaynor on 07837866619 or or Surya on 07908957100 
Our retreats are very popular and there are a limited number of spaces. So it is important that any cancellation, or changes, to bookings are made well in advance. 
If you need to transfer to a later retreat we can do this free of charge. 
Meditation Retreat - Creating Calm at Christmas 
December 15 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm GMT 
Venue: Sunnyside House, Groby Lane, Newtown Linford, LE60HH 
Cost £47 includes teas, coffees and biscuits 
This day will be led by Suryacitta. It is a day of meditation and rest in what is usually a busy time of year. Suryacitta will give teachings most of the day apart from those teachings and guided meditations will be in silence. 
Lunch and snacks will be provided. 
Numbers limited to 14 so please book early. 
Meditation retreat - Changing your experience of pain 
2nd March 10.00 - 3.00pm 
Venue: The Kuti, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire 
Cost £55 
Researchers studying neuroscience have shown that just a weeks worth of sitting 
with awareness of pain and engaging with meditation (following the breath), 
changes the brains response to pain. 
Dr Liz Sparkes has a PhD in pain psychology and has trained to teach mindfulness 
with Suryacitta (MindfulnessCIC). She will take you through ways to change your 
pain using mindfulness and meditation techniques. 
Techniques include: Visualisations, mindfulness of body and breath and exploring 
emotional release in the body. 
For more information or to book contact Liz on: 
Liz Sparkes 
Thankyou Liz for an excellent workshop today on changing our relatio...nship with pain through mindfulness. I learned a number of useful techniques and the open discussions were very helpful. You are a wonderful 'teacher' and facilitator with with an approach that puts attendees at ease. Thankyou x (Angela) 
Head = Trouble: Body = Wisdom. Thankyou Liz for a great day changing my relationship with pain. I loved your insights..presence ..and teaching. Wonderful opportunity to deepen my practice today x 
9th - 10th 
Silent Meditation Retreat over two days 
March 9th & 10th @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm GMT 
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March 
Price £95 includes lunches, teas, coffees and biscuits 
This silent meditation retreat will be led by Suryacitta who has 30 years experience of retreats and practice. During the silence, there will be teaching from Suryacitta on meditation and other themes. 
A silent retreat allows us to take time out from our busy lives and to rest, and to focus ourselves on our meditation practice. 
This is a non-residential retreat but for those who live a distance away, there is local accommodation which we can supply details of on receipt of booking. 
Numbers limited to 14 so please book early.  
If you would like to pay via bank transfer or cheque please contact us as this is an option. 
August 2019 
31st-7th Sep 
Meditation Retreat - Seven Day 
31st August – 7th September 2019 
Venue: Casa Rosa, ASSISI, ITALY - During the week there will be teachings and practises omindfulness and Compassion with Suryacitta and Gaynor.  
It is suitable for complete beginners and those who wish to deepen their practice of mindfulness and Compassion. 
Please contact us or go to Casa Rosa for more details 
June 2019 
Silent Meditation retreats in Spain 
Amitavati, Valencia, Spain dates for the meditation retreat are 6th - 13th June. 
2019 will be our 11th year running thismeditation retreat. It is set in stunning views in the mountains near Valenecia, Spain.  
There are three days of silence during the retreat and teachings from Suryacitta and Vidyasri. 
Please contact us if you are intererested. 
Cost is 395 euros and includes accomodation and all meals. 
Short video of Suryacitta teaching in Australia 

What People Say 

“If you want to experience and appreciate what is, I highly recommend this retreat.” 

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