Gaynor is a qualified mediator and coach who works in a creative, pragmatic and visionary manner with senior and emerging leaders. Gaynor’s experience and interests enable her to understand the issues and concerns leaders are working with. 
Advanced Leadership Development 
The pressure on managers and leaders is increasing with many handling significant internal and external challenges, running high performing teams, reporting at senior level and facing public scrutiny. 
Mindful coaching will give your leadership team the tools to make better decisions, be more resilient, think creatively and delegate more successfully. It improves performance helping senior executives to manage change, handle difficult relationships and improve communication. 
One case study found that mindfulness training significantly affects a number of areas relating to resilience, collaboration and the capacity to lead in complex conditions. 
Mindful coaching is provided either onsite or offsite to suit your organisation with all collateral supplied. 
More about Gaynor and her approach: 
Gaynor inspires people to achieve more than they think /feel they can. She builds relationships easily, her style is supportive, warm, challenging and solution focused. 
Gaynor works with clients with their present moment experience, enabling greater self-awareness. In her mindful coaching she encourages clients to access parts of themselves - courageous, assertive, active, successful, confident, compassionate - which gives new perspectives on their present issue or concern. Through simple mindful exercises, she shows how the client’s thinking process impacts their behaviours and limits their belief in themselves. Seeing beyond these limiting views and beliefs leads to change and opens up an avenue of choices that leads to action. 
Get in touch with Gaynor 07837866619 to see how mindfulness training can benefit your leadership team. 

What people say 

“The mindful coaching approach Gaynor takes is a very different one to programmes I’ve experienced before. Gaynor takes you on a deeper and more thorough examination of yourself rather than just looking at select issues. I felt the impact very quickly which had a positive effect but is also really useful for the long term and for all aspects of life. A fascinating, helpful and insightful journey.” 
Sharon McKee - SEM Communications 

Get in touch with Gaynor Quilter on 07837 866 619 to see how mindfulness training can benefit your leadership team. 

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What people say 

"Thank you for the precious time you have dedicated to me and my selves. You have always welcomed all of me. No judgements. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and value that. It’s helped me see clearly and take the actions I need at work and home." 
Alessandra Bortolussi - Mindfulness practitioner. Venice, Italy 

Latest Blog Posts 

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    If you are searching for that one person to change your life, just pause, and look in the mirror. The first time I properly started to consider this was during my early experiences of meditation. My teacher Suryacitta, spoke of a beautiful jewel which represents us. This jewel over time becomes covered in ice, the ice represents all of the beliefs that we take on from our culture, religion, family, friends and our experiences.
  • Mindful Time Management
    Ongoing research suggest that mindfulness practices can bring real benefits when applied in work situations. A review of research into mindfulness in work concluded: ‘mindfulness influences attention, with downstream effects on functional domains of cognition, emotion, behaviour, and physiology. Ultimately, these domains impact key workplace outcomes, including performance, relationships, and well-being’ (Good et al. 2015: 118 - 115)
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