Train to Teach Mindfulness 

All our mindfulness teacher training UK courses are led by Suryacitta and supported by Gaynor Quilter. Suryacitta is known as the teacher’s teacher. He is one of the most experienced and innovative teachers in the UK. 
Our next mindfulness training retreat with availability is May 2019 11th – 16th. 
Venue: Sunnyside House, Groby Lane, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, LE60HH 
There is local accommodation for people who live a distance away.  
Our mindfulness teacher training programme has two options. 
OPTION 1, You can attend the 6 (consecutive) day training retreat which will prepare you to teach mindfulness in the setting of your choosing. You will receive a certificate of mindfulness skills from Mindfulness CIC. 
Cost of this option is £650. This includes all snacks and lunches. There is local accommodation available for those who will be travelling. 
You may decide to end your training with us as at the end of the training retreat as you will be in a position to teach mindfulness yourself. However, you may choose then to enter into a 12-month pathway.. 
Themes covered during the 6-day training retreat: 
The history and roots of mindfulness 
The art of guiding meditations 
Exploring the inquiry process 
Using metaphor, stories and images in teaching 
Teaching from your own experience 
Teaching mindfulness in different settings 
Using silence and pauses in your own practice and as teaching aids 
Looking at guidelines for living – how we live each day matters 
Holding a group 
What is mindfulness – a look at the subtleties of this ancient practice 
Essential attitudes for a beneficial practice – sensitivity, courage, curiosity, warmth, kindness, receptivity…and lots more 
Why mindfulness works and why it doesn’t 
How to work with the tyranny of thoughts and difficult emotions 
Setting the students home practice 
There will be a morning of silent meditation practice during the training retreat. We can also show you how to set up and run a morning or day retreat of your own. 
The meditations which we will cover on the training retreat include: 

 Mindfulness Training 

Each participant will get the opportunity to guide meditations and to receive helpful feedback about what worked and what didn’t. 
Mindfulness of Breathing 
Body Awareness/Scan 
Compassion Meditation 
Choiceless Awareness/Just Sitting 
Three Step Breathing Space 
Mindful Walking and Movement 
Self-compassion practice – how to be with difficult emotions 
Each day will begin at 10.00am and end around 4.30. There will be breaks and lunch (which is provided) will be at 1.00pm 
Please note: The course is not academic and is experiential in nature. Each training retreat has a maximum of 12 participants. 
The 6-day comprehensive training retreat, will enable you to teach: 
With more confidence 
With a certificate in mindfulness skills from Mindfulness CIC 
With the support and backing of very experienced teachers 
OPTION 2, After the six-day training retreat, you may wish to enter into our 12-month training pathway which includes: 
Three group webinar supervision sessions – with space for questions and inquiry – every three months. 
Three individual sessions, these can be both supervision and advice and guidance on setting up your own courses – face to face, phone or skype 
The use of course materials and booklet in pdf 
The use of the mindfulness cic app (which includes full eight-week course and a selection of guided meditations) for yourself and to provide for your students 
The cost of this pathway is £395 for 12 months. Payable at the start of your 12-month pathway should you choose this option. 
We also offer in-house mindfulness teacher training courses for organisations, please get in touch if interested. 
Cancellations must be made at least 21 days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel within 21 days we will refund 50 per cent of the fee. No refunds will be given after the course starts. However, if you need cancel, we will transfer you to another course for a small donation. 


11th - 16th 
Mindfulness Teacher Training Retreat 
May 11th @ 10:00 am - May 16th @ 1:00 pm GMT 
Train to teach mindfulness with confidence and ease.  
Venue: Sunnyside House, Groby Lane, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, LE60HH 
There is local accommodation for people who live a distance away. 
The cost of this 6-day training retreat is £650 which includes all lunches along drinks and snacks. You can secure your place by paying £100 deposit today or full price - see below. 
Each day will consist of mindfulness and compassion meditation and the exploration of themes such as letting go, enquiry, trust, teaching from your own experience. There will be group work and the opportunity to teach a variety of practices. There will be a maximum of 12 participants. 
If you have a question prior to booking or would like to pay via bank transfer or cheque please contact us using the form below or call us. 
Cancellations Cancellations must be made at least 21 days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel within 21 days we will refund 50 per cent of the fee. No refunds will be given after the course starts. However, with all cancellations, we will transfer to another course for a small donation. 
12, 19, 26 
How to teach mindfulness with confidence and ease 
February 12, 19, 26 @ 18:45pm - 19:45 pm GMT 
Three Week Live Online Course 
(These sessions are live but there are also recorded so if you miss a session you can view anytime) 
VENUE – Online, February 12th, 19th, 26th – 19.00 – 20.00 
PRICE: £65.00 for three weeks. 
Many mindfulness teachers find themselves falling short as they begin to attempt to communicate the wonderful teachings of mindfulness. Becoming confident in teaching takes time, but can be rapidly accelerated with the help of an experienced mentor. Learning to be comfortable ‘within' yourself whilst allowing silence to do the teaching, will not only enhance your own mindfulness practice, but will make your teaching more elegant, effective and beautiful. 
During our mindfulness supervision and training you will learn how to rest in peace whilst communicating effectively. 
How to allow silence to be your teacher and guide 
How to keep teaching simple 
What is the intention of the Inquiry process? 
How to guide meditations and why saying less is better 
Using metaphors, stories and images. 
The roots of mindfulness 
Leave your students wanting to learn more!! 
If you have a question prior to booking or would like to pay via bank transfer or cheque please contact us using the form below or call us. 
Cancellations must be made at least seven days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel within seven days we will look at your situation. 
No refunds will be given once the course has started. however, we can offer a free transfer to another course. 
Short video of Suryacitta teaching in Australia 

What people say 

“This has been a wonderful experience and a chance for developing greater self awareness and instilling the confidence to teach mindfulness. Not just about the mechanics of the 8 week course. The challenging moments were handled so gently that the opportunities for growth were maximised. Truly nourishing in all senses.” 
“It has given me confidence in my ‘understanding’…Simple, some teachers make it more complicated than it needs to be – excellent.”  
“Loved the simplicity of it all. Feel confident I can bring it into my classroom." 
“It was a revelation to see how powerful and beautiful can be the use of metaphors and stories to convey meaning. They cut through confusion like lots of words never could.” 
“I have no hesitations in recommending any one of the courses at Mindfulness CIC and their brilliantly led retreats. It will be the greatest gift you could give to yourself. It provided me with a safe and supportive environment in which to build my own Daily mindfulness practice. Professionally run and delivered with kindness, I’ve also found being part of their online community a great way to grow and inform my own practice.” 
“I never realised that keeping teaching simple and direct is what makes it effective.I couldn’t have imagined that the use of pauses and silence could have such an effect.” 
“Thank you so much for an amazing, transformative experience!” 
“The warmth, connection between you both, your teaching, challenge and hospitality create an unforgettable experience, which is something of a turning point for me personally.” 
“Thank you, both for this opportunity and space to learn. Both from the course delivery practically and the modelling of your own practice and being. Truly uplifting.” 
“I am infinitely grateful for the experience. During the course, mental constructs continued to drop away revealing more of the jewel within the lot of us. It has deepened my practice and given me the confidence to pass on the miracle of mindfulness.” 
“I think my experience was far more enriching than I could’ve hoped for – a rollercoaster, but personally and hopefully professionally very valuable.” 
“Thank you for an insightful six days. It’s helped develop me, my reflections, my awareness and understanding of myself in a safe, yet challenging environment. Life isn’t easy and the retreat helps to reflect on the ups and downs. I appreciate the honesty and challenge Suryacitta brings without apology, with humour.” 
“Thank you for Six-Days of great teaching, great conversations, great company. I’ve learnt a huge amount about myself in such a short time. I’m going to make myself a fridge magnet saying something like “the best teaching companion is silence. I have learned from both of you.” 

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