One to one mindfulness with Suryacitta 

Suryacitta offers one to one and small group mindfulness sessions in person or over Skype or Zoom. There is the option of working organically with what is happening in your life right now or to go through the eight week course.  
Your purpose for practising mindfulness maybe anxiety, worry, or a busy mind. It may be to enhance your relationships or to perform better at work. Whatever it is, mindfulness taught by an experienced teacher can help.  
Suryacitta works intuitively and in the moment encouraging insights into yourself and your life and how to grow into these insights and to live them. He will show you how to improve the quality of your mind, which in turn improves the quality of your life.  
He will share tools and techniques for everyday life and show you how to begin living more from your heart bringing deeper meaning and satisfaction to your life. 
One to ones are available to complete beginners and those with an established practice who want to take their meditation practice to another level. 
Eight session course is £450 and sessions last 60 minutes for individuals. Please contact us for a small group charge. 
If you would like to work more organically then indivdual sessions cost £60 but a discount for 3 or more sessions will be given. 
What People Say 
Hi Surya 
"I was going to email you to say huge thankyou.. I"m good..much to process but something important has shifted.. it was probably the most powerful One to one session I have experienced. So much for lists!! Thank you." Mandy 
“Thank you so much for an amazing, transformative experience!” 
“It was a revelation to see how powerful and beautiful can be the use of metaphors and stories to convey meaning. They cut through confusion like lots of words never could.”  
"I have done mindfulness before, but I must say, nothing comes anywhere near working with Suryacitta on his course." Loubina (Egypt) 
“It has given me confidence in my ‘understanding’…Simple, some teachers make it more complicated than it needs to be – excellent.” AM 
“I have no hesitations in recommending any one of the courses at Mindfulness CIC and their brilliantly led retreats. It will be the greatest gift you could give to yourself. It provided me with a safe and supportive environment in which to build my own Daily mindfulness practice. Professionally run and delivered with kindness, I’ve also found being part of their online community a great way to grow and inform my own practice.” Louise 
"I have been practising mindfulness for a long time but this course was much needed at the moment and has enhanced my understanding of it." Laura 
Short video of Suryacitta teaching in Australia 
1 minute video testimonial about working with Suryacitta 

What People Say 

“I really enjoyed your real and down to earth approach. I was able to fully engage with every week and to deepen my peace with life and the challenges presented. I am also enjoying the ride rather than looking for the finish line.” 

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