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Mindfulness teaching masterclass - online - Surprise your students not just with what you teach, but by how you teach 
Dates TBC 
Three Week Live Online Course 
(These sessions are live but there are also recorded so if you miss a session you can view anytime) 
VENUE – Online,  
PRICE: £65.00 for three weeks. 
Many mindfulness teachers find themselves falling short as they begin to attempt to communicate the wonderful teachings of mindfulness. 
Becoming confident in teaching takes time but often teachers can make it difficult for themselves. They can easily complicate an utterly simple practice sending students into their thinking, analysing mind. This is when it can get tricky. Rather than lengthy technical explanations a shrug of the shoulder, a smile, a story or a metaphor can bring the students' mind to a halt and a new understanding. 
The material is based on Suryacitta's latest book, A Mindfulness Teachers Handbook- How to surprise your students, not just with what you teach, but by how you teach. 
All material will expand on the three pillars of good teaching. 
Simple - you will be shown that keeping teaching simple, is more effective. You will explore how to keep teaching in the here and now and not to get lost in over explanation. This makes it easier for you, the teacher. 
Elegant - Elegance is what you leave out. Many teachers say far too much and over complicate this simple and profound practice. Suryacitta will show you that what you leave out, is as important as what you put in. 
Practical - Teaching has to be practical and relevant to a persons' life. Here you will explore how to apply mindfulness in every area of life. 
Our Masterclass training is suitable for: 
Professionals wanting to use mindfulness in their chosen setting such as therapy, counselling and health care 
Workplace mindfulness facilitators wanting to create a culture of mindfulness in their workplace for managers and staff 
Community mindfulness facilitators - anybody wanting to teach mindfulness within their community via mindfulness courses or drop-ins. 
When sharing mindfulness we are not just speaking to a student’s intellect but to their intuitive wisdom “behind” the mind. This is when students tend to reflect, to go quiet and process rather than just wanting answers. 
During the online sessions there will be time for question and answers and explore areas of teaching such as: 
The role of insight in mindfulness practice and teaching 
The principle behind all practices 
The inquiry process 
Allowing silence to be the teacher 
Why saying less is meaning more 
The four noble truths - the roots of mindfulness 
Leave your students wanting to learn more!! 
Testimonials from the live sessions 
"A lovely teacher. There’s a wonderful simplicity to Suryacitta’s teaching style, yet it’s fun too. So glad I attended his training." Michelle 
"I’ve just listened to the first session. Thank you for sharing all your experience and wisdom so effortlessly! I feel I have learned so much just with an hour." DT 
Your teaching is powerful for me as a professional coach because you are very simple and practical... 
...You help us to remember that mindfulness is real, is a discipline, is being awake to the present without selecting any preference …..This is the best take away for me….” Rosella (Verona, Italy) 
"I have not come across teaching like this before, it is simple and direct, and your metaphors explain what a thousand words could never. Suryacitta shows how to use silence in a way that is powerful." LT 
"I found the teaching sessions really enlightening, and helpful to share questions received from students. Suryacitta was, as ever, engaging, helpful, interesting and a great guide through the mindfulness sessions. I got a lot from the sessions." Helena  
"Very informative class. Loved the option to view a recorded version of the class if you are unable to view the class in progress. Definite YES." Richard (Texas, USA) 
PLEASE NOTE: You don't need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal you can pay via credit/debit card 
If you have a question prior to booking or would like to pay via bank transfer or cheque please contact us using the form below or call us. 
Cancellations must be made at least seven days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel within seven days we will look at your situation. 
No refunds will be given once the course has started. however, we can offer a free transfer to another course. 

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Short video of Suryacitta teaching in Australia 

What People Say 

“If you want to experience and appreciate what is, I highly recommend this retreat.” 

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