Who’s Living Your Life?  

Ever wondered why you are the way you are? Why for example you: 
• Find it hard to relax 
• Always trying to please others 
• Have difficulty saying no 
• Suffer from anxiety 
• Don’t speak your mind 
• Are critical of yourself and others 
• Feel Driven 
• Get into bad habits 
• Get angry a lot of the time 
• Feel a victim 
• Find it difficult to trust 
• Feel guilty 
• Find it difficult to trust 
Each of us has what we can call Sub-personalities – Inner selves which can dominate our life, such as the people pleaser, the inner critic, the controller and the perfectionist.  These inner selves develop through our life and can then come to dominate it. When they do dominate, other sub-personalities which can bring balance to our lives can get banished and hidden away. 
For example, if the people pleaser in highly developed the ability to say no, to stand up for our self can be deeply hidden, because the people pleaser can be desperate to be liked and confrontation or disappointing other people can seem be very scary. 
Another example maybe that we have a strong inner controller. The controller can stop us from ‘letting our hair down.’ It can prevent us from relaxing in company and just being ourself or having some fun. The controller if overly developed can stop us speaking in company saying what we really think. If the controller is in the ‘driving seat’ then the part of us that is more carefree will be in the back seat or not in the car of our life at all - it can be what we call banished. 
These parts often mean well and their intention is to protect us but they have just entered into areas of our lives where they don't need to be. We need to be a perfectionist for example if we are at work and that work is very intricate. Perhaps a heart surgeon or an engineer, but the perfectionist needs to step back when we go home and spend the evening with the kids. 
Suryacitta is offering One to one Voice Dialogue sessions over Zoom/Skype for donations. Just drop him a line.  

What people say 

“This workshop was one of the best I have ever participated in. The skilful and excellent facilitation skills of Gaynor and Suryacitta enabled a true experiential introduction and practice into Voice Dialogue. I was amazed at how empowering this process is. Getting to know and hearing what my inner selves have been saying throughout my life’s journey was incredibly powerful. 
"I think that everyone should know about and attend this workshop. It is simply fantastic! 
"My journey continues with the use of Voice Dialogue at work and in my everyday life. I am now on the lookout for a buddy so i can get to know my other sub-personalities with compassion and kindness.” 
Dr Marnie Aston 

What people say 

“Just to say that mindfulness has had a greater impact on my life than anything I have done before.” 

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