Mindfulness Membership 

Meditations and teachings on anxiety, fear and other difficult emotions. Mindfulness Unleashed, translating ancient wisdom for modern life. 
"Hello Surya, I am loving this group. The 6 Elements, the Centre of Stillness; there’s some really lovely stuff in here. Hoping to deep dive into the talks etc over the Christmas break. Thank you for all this. 🙂" 

Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 - Become a Member! 28 Day free trial Then £9.50 per month No Contract - Cancel anytime 

Meditation Membership 

Join our Global Community and begin your mindfulness membership journey with the Mindfulness Unleased 24/7 programme. Become part of a community that can support your growth and broaden your outlook through a meditation membership programme that's suitable for complete beginners and those with experience of mindfulness and meditation. Unleash your potential and experience talks, guided sessions, audio teachings and so much more. Our courses aim to translate ancient wisdom for modern life to help you unlock your true potential. 

Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 

... what do Mindfulness Unleashed members get? 

The meditation membership programme is suitable for complete beginners and those with experience of mindfulness and meditation. 

Live online meditation evening - last Friday of the month 6.30-8pm GMT (if you miss this you will be sent the recordings) 
New video talks uploaded every month  
A new audio guided meditation/contemplation each month 
A year of Buddhism for today. Video teachings on a Buddhist theme every month. (See Below) 
Library of guided meditations ALL downloadable 
Extensive Library of Audio and Video teaching: These are diffrent themes - Core Teachings; Non-Dual Teachings; Living and Dying Teachings, live satsangs. (Over 70 teachings and growing!) 
The programme is suitable for both complete beginners and those with experience of mindfulness and meditation. 
Video teachings on living and dying 

Try our 28 day free trial 

If you are still unsure if Mindfuness Unleashed 24/7 is for you then try our 28 day free trial 
"Surya is a joy to watch/listen to! As someone who has done the courses I found the content a lovely addition to my knowledge & a lovely refresher of concepts. It's something I am finding really useful, and it's very easy to tell other friends/family about who might struggle with anxiety/stress. Some people might be nervous to go to a meditation group or not be able to afford it but here they can join from afar but with a very similar benefit." 
Naomi Kent 

Why join Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7? 

We all know that life is very unpredictable, and because of this the mind scurries around looking for peace, it tries to find certainty in an uncertain world, permanence in an impermanent world, and security in an insecure world. All this scurrying leaves us feeling very ill at ease and anxious.  
It doesn't have to be like this. The peace, or contentment you desire is not found in all this scurrying, but in a gradual and meaningful acceptance of ourselves and life as it is. 
Each and everyone of of us is capable of finding peace and happiness, sometimes we just need an experienced guide. Our meditation membership community can help get you there. 
Alongside the above there is Buddhism for Today - One year of Buddhist teachings. There is one video per month on a Buddhist theme uploaded to the member's area. The themes include, the Buddha's life and what he saw, karma and rebirth, the the Buddhist precepts, interconnectedness, the four noble truths and more. 

Join our Global Community Translating ancient wisdom for modern life   Welcome to the Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 - two minute video 

Try our 28 day free trial 

If you are still unsure if Mindfuness Unleashed 24/7 is for you then try our 28 day free trial 
"I came down to a weekend course last September, and since then have been looking locally for a way of continuing my understanding, but have not found anyone that even comes close to Suryacitta, so this programme is a very good option for me - I’m in Wensleydale so can’t easily pop back to you for a refresher!" 
Live monthly online meditation evenings with Suryacitta 

What do Mindfulness Unleashed Member's Get? 

Get together with family or friends and share the cost. We will send a shared link for all. 

Find the courage to live with uncertainly and get through difficult times 
Live more in the present moment and change how you respond? 
Be kinder to yourself and others? 
Deepen your love and connection to friends and family 
Understand yourself more deeply? 
Free yourself from fear, anxiety, and worry? 
Let go of unhelpful thinking, self-criticism and guilt? 
If so, being part of the Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 Community can help you. 

Join the Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 Community Today 

This is a monthly membership programme that can be cancelled by you at anytime - no contract 

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