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"Suryacitta, probably the best mindfulness teacher in the UK in my experience." Ed McBain 

Mindfulness Courses 

Meditation and teachings on anxiety, fear and other difficult emotions. 

Sign up to our global online membership community and experience the joy of mindfulness courses. Join us live over Zoom for meditation evenings and mindfulness courses with Suryacitta. New meditations and talks are added every month in addtion to an extensive library of over 100 meditations and talks on different areas of life. 

Meditation Courses 

Embrace the art of mindfulness and explore our range of meditation courses and meditation retreats to unleash the power of mindfulness and help transform your way of thinking. We offer serene retreats and global online courses to help make mindfulness and meditation accessible for all. Start making the change today and see how Mindfulness CIC can support you along the way. 

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Mindfulness works - when it's simple and practical 

Mindfulness works, that’s why it has been practised for 2500 years and why there is extensive secular research backing it up. But, it only works when the teaching of it is kept both simple and practical. 
If mindfulness is over-complicated then it loses its ability to transform the individual, and that is such a missed opportunity. Many people after having been taught mindfulness give up because the essence of it has been lost in a cloud of ideas and theories. It can then become just another interesting subject. 
The teaching of mindfulness needs to come straight from the heart of the teacher and enter into the heart of the student. That is when it resonates and helps to change the life of each and every student. 
Here at Mindfulness CIC whether on a mindfulness course or a meditation retreat, we always keep the teaching simple, we always keep it practical, and we always keep it relevant to every area of your life. 
Meditation for anxiety

Meditations and teachings on love, life and the joy of living! 

Suryacitta teaching on a retreat in Sydney Australia 

Upcoming mindfulness courses and meditation retreats 

12 Month Online Intuitive Teacher Training Pathway 

September 25th and 26th 
Become a Certified Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion teacher by joining our Programme. 
Price £1645 over Zoom 

Non Dual Mindfulness Course 

Start date October 4th 
Non Dual Mindfulness - Awakening moment by moment - Online eight week course. 
Price £195 over Zoom 
Reduced fees available* 

Silent Meditation Retreat over two days 

October 16th and 17th 
Our silent weekend meditation retreats are for individuals wishing to deepen their practice. 
Price £125 in-person 
Over Zoom Price £80 

Saturday Morning Meditation: online & in-person 

14th August 
There will be short talks from Suryacitta followed by 20-minute meditations. 
Price £20 Over Zoom 
Price £25 in-person 
*There are a limited number of reduced fee places. Please choose this option if you are on low pay or unwaged. You can pay by instalments if that helps you financially. 

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Trusted by 

Suryacitta's Books 

A Mindful Life | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindful Life 
Happiness and How it Happens
Happiness and How it Happens 
Mindfulness and Compassion
Mindfulness and Compassion 
Mindfulness and Compassion
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook  
The Happiness & Contentment Handbook
The Happiness & Contentment Workbook 
“A perfect beginner's handbook. Absolutely spot-on and beautifully designed.” 
Emma Thompson – Oscar-winning actress 

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